Prof. Dr. Philipp Zahn | Research
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Microeconomics – Theoretical Computer Science – Functional Programming


Merges decision theory, behavioral economics, and game theory with theoretical computer science.

This is relevant for blockchain applications and more generally economic systems based on code.

Working papers


Bayesian open games [ArXiv] 

( joint with Joe Bolt and Jules Hedges )


Sequential games and non-deterministic selection functions [ArXiv] 

( joint with Joe Bolt and Jules Hedges )


On rational choice and the representation of decision problems [ArXiv] [SSRN]

( joint with Paulo Oliva )


The structure of the environment and the complexity of rational choice procedures [ArXiv] [SSRN]

( joint with Paulo Oliva )


Compositionality and String Diagrams for Game Theory  [ArXiv]

( joint with Jules Hedges, Evguenia Winschel, Viktor Winschel )



Compositional Game Theory [ArXiv]

( joint with Neil Ghani, Jules Hedges, Viktor Winschel ) To appear in Proceedings of Logic in Computer Science (LiCS) 2018


Higher-Order Decision Theory [ArXiv]

( joint with Jules Hedges, Paulo Oliva, Evguenia Winschel, Viktor Winschel ) Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Algorithmic Decision Theory, 2017


Selection Equilibria of Higher-Order Games  [ArXiv]

( joint with Jules Hedges, Paulo Oliva, Evguenia Winschel, Viktor Winschel ) Lecture Notes in Computer Science, PADL, 2017


Contextuality and the Weak Axiom in the Theory of Choice [ArXiv]

( joint with William Zeng ) Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Quantum Interaction, 2015

Non-technical essays


Code as Theory [link]


Mechanisms for the Provision of Public Goods in the Digital Age [SSRN]


Blockchain and Ex-Ante Exclusion Mechanisms [SSRN]

Public Economics


Older stuff I worked on during my PhD. Blends behavioral economics with public economics and mechanism design.

My failures ( and evolving interests ) led to this



Minimum prices and social interactions: Evidence from the German renewable energy program [SSRN]

accepted at Energy Economics ( joint with Justus Inhoffen and Christoph Siemroth )


Social Preferences, Public Policy, and Gender in „Social Economics, edited by Joan Costa-Font and Mario Macis, MIT Press, CESIfo seminar series, 2017

( joint with Evguenia Winschel )


Incentives and Group Identity Games and Economic Behavior 2014

( joint with Paolo Masella and Stephan Meier )


Political Support in Hard Times: Do People Care about National Welfare? European Journal of Political Economy, 2014

( joint with Jana Friedrichsen )


Employment and Unemployment of the Elderly: A Microeconometric Evaluation of the Reform of the Unemployment Compensation System in 1997

( in German )  Journal of Economics and Statistics, Bd. 227, Vol. 1, S. 65-86, Stuttgart 2007 ( joint with Eva Mueller and Ralf Wilke )